UPDATE (07/08/20): We’ve added some new swag! Check it out below and thank you for your patronage. We can’t do it without you.

To our friends & supporters near and far:

We miss you. We can’t wait to get back to live music, but we’re going to have to be patient in the meantime. While our doors are closed, we’re doing all we can to help our staff. On this page, you can learn about all the ways you can help keep our production crew, bartenders, security, and all the other folx who make every night possible afloat during these uncertain times.

We’ve got brand new exclusive merch alongside the tried & true classics, plus links to various GoFundMe pages where you can browse even more donation incentives––just click the banners below to get you where you need to go.

Among the most important of actions you can take is asking your representatives to support the Bennet-Young RESTART Act, which helps Phase 5 businesses like indie venues. It only takes 30 seconds to use the form at to do so; all you need is your zip code! #SaveOurStages

As always, we thank you for your generosity and support. Love you, mean it.

Take a peek at our new run of Metro/smartbar special edition Barrel Maker tees, now available for a limited time in cream.

In addition to Metro/smartbar/GMan Tavern’s GoFundMe, there are also pages set up for our family who comprise the iconic Queen! and Gramaphone Records crews.

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